Thursday, 6 July 2017

End Of Term 2 Reflection.

During novel study in term 2 we focused on character analysis which included physical appearance, relationships, personal traits and growth.We also did main events, mapping, connections and a passage picker which i wasn't there for.

In writing we first had to create  a narrative for the Elsie Locke competition.Then we had our Writers camp where we were supposed to write 5,000 words.We stayed overnight at school with a year nine class. We did a full report with evidence on a chosen mini beast with a partner and then present it to an audience. Throughout the weeks we did a lot of quick writes which i enjoyed.

In Maths i started off by learning about the division man and how he can help.Before we start every math session we would do a math version of quick fire where the teacher would call out 15 questions and had to answer them as quick as possible.Then we moved on to our statistics.Where we focused mainly on statistical investigation and statistical literacy.There we learnt to read graphs and draw them.With the investigation we made a survey about what we wanted to change about the school.Then we presented it to the class. Finally we wrote a letter to Mrs Owers.

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